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Adam Hasler

A Story of Risk, Intrigue, and Suspense


Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Adam Cameo

Adam Hasler works in design. From starting a business before even having a management position (it succeeded) to playing polo competitively in Argentina without even knowing how to ride a horse (not as successful), the effort or learning required to make or do great things have never scared or discouraged him. He is inspired and fascinated by systems of knowledge and bodies of data, and figures out ways to make that information useful, fun, beautiful, and accessible. Fast Company magazine described Adam as intellectually voracious and having "transdisciplinary" interests, demonstrating "cross-cultural competency" and "computational thinking," and having a "high degree of social intelligence" (as indicated by a desire to apply his knowledge to helping people and ability to collaborate with others).

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Hiring Adam: A Love Story

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